Wellness policies in Schools

Whoa, it has been forever since I have blogged. As a Mom of 3 busy, busy little bodies I just have No time to get to my computer to blog. Today I am finding time, because there is an issue that is weighing heavy on my mind.

Parents of school aged children, Did you know that every school district should be enforcing their designed Wellness Policy?

Click on the link below to take a look at Stacy's AMAZING Blog, this is a HUGE resource for myself. 



So, we have gotten to know our neighbors pretty well lately and it has been great..Cade loves his "friend"..He is asking every day to play,and I can never deny him..he is so sincere about it. 

They even had their first sleep over..

They are just 1 month apart and adore each other. 
It is the sweetest thing ever.
 I love Cade's enthusiasm to play and the joy making friends brings him. 

Sadly, I know that making friends won't always be easy for Cade...and I hate that.

But for now, I will try not to focus on the future, but instead the present.
 I will take in all their sweet giggles and the joy it brings to everyone around. 

Cade's PWS Prayer



It has been nearly 3 months since I have written last and yep, you guessed life has been busy around here. But really, who isn't busy these days? 

School is in full swing and Carter is enjoying Kindergarten for the most part. Some days are boring he says, and he doesn't want to go back, but for the most part it has been great. One more month until he turns 6 years old. I love birthdays, but hate that my baby is not so much a baby anymore. 

Cade has full week of therapies again and I don't know how, but always find room for more. He is such a busy, hard working little guy and still such a joy to everyone he comes in contact with. I hear so often from his therapists how he brightens there day and is so eager to learn. They say what a nice touch he brings to their day..I just agree, I am his Mom, I am lucky enough to experience that joy 24/7. If you haven't heard already Cade's diet is even stricter now..no cheating. No sugar, no grains, and barely any carbs. He is Ketogenic or Modified Atkins Diet(MAD). His diet is made up of majority of fats, moderate protein, and low carb. We have also started to incorporate supplements again. Cade's B-12 was low and kids with PWS have shown a great response to B-12 injections(yes, ANOTHER shot) but it is worth it if it can help in ways other children have responded to it. His first shot was today...I haven't noticed any major difference than his usual day to day awesomeness...we will see what tomorrow brings.

 Little Miss Camille will be 3 months old this week. Time sure is flying even faster with her. 
She is such a great tag along, and just goes with the flow...most of the time. 

Nonetheless, even with all the ups and downs, I wouldn't change a thing. I have been extremely blessed beyond words. 


And baby makes 3!

As most of you know 10 days ago we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

Camille Grace Richard 7lbs 7oz, 19 inches long

Very proud  Big Brothers!

Everything went great and it was so nice to have such a smooth and uneventful delivery. Our family is now complete and we couldn't be more happy right now. Carter and Cade have adjusted great and have been so helpful. 

A previous written post which can be found Here details my feelings about my delivery with Cade and my hopes for healing old wounds. While I found it healing to be able to experience that "normalcy" again, for the last time..I also still couldn't help but think about all Cade's struggles. Which will be a forever thing.

But, Nonetheless, I love where we are at in life now. 
A 5 year old, 3 year old, and newborn...

Life couldn't be better...or busier! ;)



Life for our family has been such a whirlwind lately. Geez, where do I start? 

I am finally wrapping up totals from our One SMALL Step 5K and proud to say we have raised about $24,685.00
I am so thankful to those that stepped up and worked hard to help us achieve our goal! We had another great race day and had some wonderful families that shared it with us. It is always great to meet and mingle with new PWS families who are eager to be part of the bigger picture!
 And of course, the people of the community whom have no connection to the cause, but just come out to run a great race or show their support. That is always comforting as well! 
Then, my personal family and friends who I can always count on to be by my side...Love you all! 

I have to say it has been nice to get a break from our daily therapies with Cade. 
As of May 14, Early Steps ended and so now we just have what we were doing outside of Early Steps, which was Speech 1x/week and horse therapy 1x/week(when we can make it). We will add in a couple more, but I think it is time for some sort of break. 
With just 5 weeks left until Camille makes her appearance and with all of Carter's activities there is no better time than now for a break. 
Carter is on a swim team which is new for us, but he absolutely loves it! That means swim practice daily Monday-Thursday and swim meets every Saturday! 
T-Ball too, which we work in between swim...he is a busy guy this summer...

In other news, Cade has been dealing with high IGF-1 levels, which could mean insulin resistance or that carbs need to be cut. This was shocking since we are already so low carb. I was frustrated, but did some more tweaking to his diet and Woo Hoo, I was successful! We got the results yesterday that his levels have come down. Sadly, it was achieved by cutting the little fruit he was getting. So, now we are even more limited but it is still manageable and Cade is doing great! His body and mind work so well on this diet and I can't imagine things any other way. I was just thinking how well this year has been for us. Everyone has been well and had no major complications at all. 
I can only hope that this streak continues.... after all we are way too busy to get sick! 


Happy 3rd Birthday Cade!

Another birthday has come and gone for Cade. I can't believe he is 3 years old! The first two years were filled with many ups and downs and I am certain we will start seeing many more ups now. He has developed the best personality and is such a joy. 

He had a great birthday party Saturday, despite the weather...family and a couple friends made it all worth it. Yesterday was his actual birthday and we continued the celebration. Lots of singing Happy Birthday which makes him giggle and squeal with excitement! We ended the day by going to Chuck E Cheese. No pizza, just games...he loved it! 

So serious...

So serious...again

Dancing away to the Bob the Builder song...He loves music!

We are beginning a new journey now that he is 3. He has had to say goodbye to all his Early Steps therapists and now will get minimal services through the school system. That will all start up in August when school starts. This week he has gotten to meet with them all, but no real routine is started yet. I will be glad to have a break from all these therapies, just worries me for Cade..since he has had so much therapy from 8 weeks old. We will still pick up some private, just not nearly as much. 

I keep going to add stuff to our schedule and then I realize, Oh yea, I am having a baby July 5th. Whoops. Slipped my mind again! :)